Robot Finished!

It is done.  Our competition robot “Haynes” is completely wired.  Shooter is in place.  Should be fully functional, but it is not checkout.  It is fitted with bumpers and ready to perform for us the Boilermakers Regional.  It’s like sending our kid to college…wait, we are sending it to a University for the Boilermaker Regional.

Software is coming along.  Shooting is getting better.  Drive team was able to make a few shots.  Software still have to dial in the shooter.  With the exception of the shooter, it is fully functional.

Thank you all for working so diligently these past 6+ weeks of build season.  Take a shot breather, the competition robot is technically delivered.  We are not done yet.  Now is the time to find out what need to be corrected with our practice robot “Elwood” and carry the changes to “Haynes” at the Boilermaker regional.
Finished RobotFinished Robot

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