Practice with Team 3940, Cybertooth

practiceGood turn-out for the team meeting.

Shooting is getting much better. Hit 2 and 3 pointers more consistently from half court across the bump. With the nature of our shooter design, we are more accurate when we are farther away. That may be a good selling point to other teams once alliance are forming and we are not an alliance captain.

Have the opportunity to practice bridge balancing with Team 3940 Cybertooth. We did reasonably well and getting better as practice progress. Since we are still trying to get our bridge lowering device to function properly and traction capability of our robot, we were more fitted to be the pusher coming on the bridge. Cybertooth was good at lowering the bridge, but it has trouble with traction getting and staying comfortable on the bridge.

Our center motorized bridge lowering device needed a little adjustment. Have a lot of potential. Almost pull down the bridge the first time before chain skip. Once the chain skipped, it has trouble pushing the bridge down from that point on.

Our side bridge lowering ramp experience trouble too. Dimension check looks good. Ramp angle looks right. Was able to manually push the robot up the bridge with it. Survived one time driving up the bridge. Did not survive the second try when the robot hit the bridge at a slight frontal offset. I am already in the process of retrofitting and creating a sturdier version with pneumatic control this time. Completion target for the end of Thursday work session completion.

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