Boilermaker Wrap Up

Just when we thought we have all the issues resolved, new one arise. Despite the problems TK finished the day 2-1 and finish the qualification round with a record of 5-7. Great improvement, but not good enough to get into the elimination round.
The good thing is that we learn of the reoccurring problem that plagued us for the 3 days and have applied corrective actions.
>Drive base chain came off for numerous games. It was discovered to be caused by the carrying fixture apply tension on chain when we are adjusting the drive base chain tension. When Haynes is placed on the ground for play, the chain was too loose and have a tendency to come off the gears. The cart base was modified for proper chain clearance.
>Software was commenting that the shooter is inconsistent. It was discovered the back half of the electrical panels which support the shooter are completely loose resulting in a non stable base for the shooter.
>Conveyor was not picking up balls when loaded. Changing over to the large pulleys caused slippage problem. This was not observed on the practice bot Elwood. Both the upper and lower conveyor pulleys are now keyed with a M5 bolt, so no slippage is possible.
All known problems have been corrected and ready for Queen City Regional, and changes will done on Elwood. One issue that stands out is that we need a more robust bridge manipulator. Roy has an idea. I also have idea. I should have a working prototype by the end of Tuesday ready for drive team test on Wednesday.

By not participating in the elimination round at the Boilermaker Regional enabled us to talk with Haynes and find out its problem while allowing us time to make correction in preparation for the Queen City Regional and Championship!

The Anderson family was presented with the volunteer award for all the service the Anderson family providing and promoting FIRST.
The Technokats 45 were awarded the website award for most improved and for their history project. Now we can concentrate on updating the website in preparation for the Queen City and the Championship website awards. Let’s aim high and shoot high!

Great work team :)

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