Week 1 thoughts and observations

I have noticed the following things with week 1 competitions

-Even the best teams fail to successfully dominate at all portions of the game
-Defense only seems to be played during Eliminations
-Most teams in eliminations/at competitions are wheeled shooters
-Balls roll under the bridges and robots can’t get them out very well
-Hybrid/auton points are key to winning.
-Even the best shooters are having problems adjusting (software) to the lighting at each venue 
-Penalties are huge. There everywhere. 
-Touching a robot on the key is transitive so if blue 1 is on the key and is in contact with blue 2 who isn’t on the key and red 1 is touching blue 2, it is still a penalty
-tipping is everywhere due to the fact that there are so many tall wide bots
-there has only been 1 alliance to 3 bot balance. Team 148 and it’s alliance at Alamo. In San Diego another 3 bot balance has occurred
-3 bot balance is a double edged sword. It helped 148 when they were down during elims but it also caused them to get greedy and lose in the finals. (they would have won with an only 2 bot balance)
-There are a lot of good shooters
-Field crossing is negligible
-There are a lot of upsets where the number 7 alliance beats the number 2 alliance
-Most baskets are scored from right up next to the fender. 
-Autonomous scoring must be synced or else balls get stuck in net.
-Balancing the Bridge will win most matches

Our friends 1501 (Team Thrust) made to quarterfinals but lost to 292 (Panther Tech) who made it to the semi finals but lost to the champions 234 (Cyber Blue). 
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