2015 – Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI)

Here is a list of TechnoKats that volunteered and assisted the 2015 IRI event.


Cecilia R. – Practice Field/Electrical Setup – Thu/Fri
Gage O. – Practice Field/Pit Admin/Pit Announcer/Field Reset/Electrical Setup – Thu/Fri/Sat
Gabe R. – Practice Field/Safety Glass Distribution – Fri
Justice W. – Practice Field/Pit Announcer/Pit Admin – Fri/Sat
Kyle H. – Electrical Setup/Pit Admin/Pit Announcer/Talent Show Setup – Thu/Fri/Sat
Michelle S. – Electrical Setup/Practice Field/Field Reset/Pit Announcer/Pit Admin – Thu/Fri/Sat
Nicholas P. – Practice Field/Safety Glass Distribution – Fri/Sat


Alan A. (aka A^2) – CSA (Control Systems Adviser)/Robot Inspector/Electrical – Thu/Fri/Sat
Andy B. – Event Sponsor (AndyMark)/Planning Committee – All Weekend
Ben D. – Practice Field/Student Overseer – Sat
Carol A. – Pit Admin – Fri/Sat
Charles Y. – Electrical Setup/Practice Field – Thu/Fri/Sat
Eric S. – Team 469 Las Guerrillas Mentor – Thu/Fri/Sat
Jarred C. – Practice Field/Electrical Setup – Thu/Fri/Sat
Kenneth B. – Field Supervisor – Thu/Fri/Sat
Kolton D. – Practice Field (KUDOS for Great job Friday Afternoon on the Practice Field) – Fri
Lisa B. – FIRST Senior Mentor for Indiana – Thu/Fri/Sat
Kija D. – Field Reset/Scoring – Fri/Sat
Maddie L. – Talent Show Emcee – Fri
Mark K. – Event Sponsor (AndyMark)/FTA – Thu/Fri/Sat
Mike C. – Electrical/Setup/Tear-down (Pit area/ Competition Field, Practice Field) – Thu/Sat
Peyton Y. – Practice Field – Fri/Sat
RJ M. – Referee – Thu/Fri/Sat
Royce C. – Practice Field/Electrical Setup (Kudos for Great job Friday AM on the Practice Field) – Thu/Fri/Sat
Tina C. – Electrical Setup/Tear-down (Pit area/ Competition Field, Practice Field) – Thu/Sat

As you can see, the TechnoKats and our alumni support this event with many hours of time being devoted to helping to make certain that the event was a success.

Talent show consisted of:

The lip-sync battle was a tie and the winners were Nicki P. (aka T Swissel) and Jacob K. Feat. Ed P. (aka Cowboy Jesus & Koko Ed)
Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers
and a Laser Light Show.

Additionally, the Elimination Rounds are view-able online via the 2015 IRI Live feed.


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