TechnoKats Win 2016 Tippecanoe Event

The 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition season kicked off for the TechnoKats with the Indiana FIRST Tippecanoe District Event.  

The team finished Qualifications with a record of 7-5 and a ranking of 15th.  We were selected by the 1st seed alliance, Team 1024 (The Kil-A-Bytes) and Team 1747 (Harrison Boiler Robotics), to be their 3rd robot.  

Quarterfinal match 1 saw our alliance put up the highest score for the event with a 186 point match.  The alliance continued their winning ways thru the semifinals.  

In the Finals we faced off against the 3rd seed alliance, Team 1701 (RoboCubs) and Team 3940 (Cybertooth) and Team 3147 (Munster Horsepower), with our alliance pulling out the victory in 3 matches.  Way to go Kats!  

Here is a link to the Kokomo Tribune article.


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