January 2015

This January was just as busy as most! The month started with a succesful ball drop in downtown Kokomo and teardown was one day later. We once again thank everybody who helped with that. Build season kicked off on the third of last month to extend into February until it ended. We determined that this year we would build an elevator like robot with a similar design to our fling-a-pult from last year.  We then began to build with help from our mentors. The robot kept us busy for the remainder of the month as we worked through it all. See everybody next month when February ends!

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December 2014

This December was huge! Even with very little shop time much was achieved!

During last month there were only six practices in the shop. During this time beta testing ended, there will be a separate post with information about that, and the shop was cleaned.

The biggest thing to happen during this month was the ball drop. This was the main focus of four of the practices we had. We are thankful for all the people who helped with that!

See you guys throughout this January!

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October 2014

Hello everybody! The month of October just wrapped up so lets see what has happened!

Starting off the month, the team went to CAGE Match and lasted until the semifinals. Everybody at the event had fun with the RoboRio bot being used during one of the matches. However in the pits, due to both robots being on and using the same WiFi connection, the practice bot randomly began circling before firing when it found a target in range while the competition bot on field did nothing until the bot was turned off in the pits.

Closer to the end of the month the team made its final decision on the competition schedule. The team has decided that in week five we will be going to the Greater D.C. Regional. We are now on the waiting list until the regional expands.

The month ended with the Indiana FIRST Forums held at Purdue University. A good time was had by all with most Technokats attending wrapping up their day by listening to Andy Baker’s, a former Technokat mentor, lecture on “The Great Robots of First” In which TKO the robot from 1999 Landing high up in the list for it’s arm that could throw robots of the puck.

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October 2014 – Fall Robotics Game

On Friday, October 10th, the Technokats staged the 2nd Annual Fall Robotics competition during the Kokomo High School Homecoming.

The competition included 3 teams of robots that the students had four weeks to design and build.  The game this year was called ‘Skee Bowl’ and the object was to maneuver ping pong balls into 1 of 3 bowls on the opposite table.

The competition was fierce and the winning team was The Green Gang lead by Team Captains Kyle Heaton and Mariah Boger. Second place was The Purple Posse with their robot Ryle led by team captains Josiah Leuck, Ryan Ridenour, and Cassidy Yocom. Team Orange came in third due to their robot’s shooter failing and not being able to score. They were led by team captains Cameron Ellison and Royce Collins.


October 2014 – Cage Match

The TechnoKats participated in the 7th annual C.A.G.E. Match on October 18th @ Southport High School in Indianapolis, Indiana.

14 students, 6 mentors, and at least 3 alumni attended the event.

All three groups volunteered for various positions at the event.  Positions included Field Reset, Referee, CSA, and Robot Inspector.

During set up on Friday four students and two mentors were in attendance. Alan Anderson was volunteering for the event while Mike Carmain, Wesley Grove, Cameron Ellison, Kyle Heaton and Jie … came and helped set up bridges the pits and the field.

Photos can be found here.



September 2014

Hello everybody! This is Wes starting a new set of blogs! I’m going to try to give everybody a monthly update on whats been going on with the team and what our plans are for the coming month.

We just came out of the month of September which had a lot of stuff going on. Fall game was kicked off earlier in the month and the month was ended with the bag and tag for fall game as well. The captains for fall game were: for team purple; Josiah Leuck, Cassidy Yocom, and Ryan Ridenour; Team Orange; Royce Collins and Cameron Ellison; Team Green; Kyle Heaton and Mariah Boger. Currently of the three robots Team Purple, a.k.a. the Purple Posse, have completed their robot and can collect and shoot the ping pong balls with their robot Ryle. Team Orange and Team Green currently have robots that can collect their balls but neither team can currently shoot. Team Orange is currently finishing mounting their shooting system while Team Green a.k.a. the Green Gang do not have any shooting mechanics mounted (If I got something wrong please email me! wesley.grove@technokats.org. Thank you) The competition is this Friday at the homecoming football game. May the best team win! You only have an ninety minutes to finish anything directly on the robot so just make sure that you have a shooter ready to mount if you need it!

In other news, this month beta testing continued with not much happening due to Kyle being distracted by fall game for much of it. Charles Yocom also has mounted speakers in the front of the building and has hooked up a microphone so anyone speaking can be more easily heard if necessary.


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TechnoBytes Issue 2

The second issue of our newsletter “TechnoBytes” is now available!

In this issue; Delphi Excelence Week, Indiana FIRST, Howard County Robotics Picnic, and more!


Download the issue here!


TechnoBytes Issue 1

The first issue of our newsletter “TechnoBytes” is now available!

In this issue; FIRST Things First: 1992′s Maize Craze, Tours of our sponsors, Indiana FIRST: IRI, and more!


Download the issue here!


Saturday at the shop.

A few photo’s have been added showing some of the activity that has occured during Saturdays at the shop.


2013 IRI charity recipient: CASA

Each year the host teams of the Indiana Robotics Invitational split the proceeds from a silent auction and donate them to a charity. The TechnoKats Robotics Team has chosen to direct its portion this year to the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Howard County.


“CASA of Howard County began operation in 1986 to serve as an independent voice for the best interest of abused and neglected children living in protective care in Howard County, Indiana. The mission of the CASA Program of Howard County,  is to ensure that CASA volunteers advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children within the court system. The office promotes and supports quality representation for children and provides each child a safe, permanent, and nurturing home.”