TechnoBytes Issue 2

The second issue of our newsletter “TechnoBytes” is now available!

In this issue; Delphi Excelence Week, Indiana FIRST, Howard County Robotics Picnic, and more!


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TechnoBytes Issue 1

The first issue of our newsletter “TechnoBytes” is now available!

In this issue; FIRST Things First: 1992′s Maize Craze, Tours of our sponsors, Indiana FIRST: IRI, and more!


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Saturday at the shop.

A few photo’s have been added showing some of the activity that has occured during Saturdays at the shop.


2013 IRI charity recipient: CASA

Each year the host teams of the Indiana Robotics Invitational split the proceeds from a silent auction and donate them to a charity. The TechnoKats Robotics Team has chosen to direct its portion this year to the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Howard County.

“CASA of Howard County began operation in 1986 to serve as an independent voice for the best interest of abused and neglected children living in protective care in Howard County, Indiana. The mission of the CASA Program of Howard County,  is to ensure that CASA volunteers advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children within the court system. The office promotes and supports quality representation for children and provides each child a safe, permanent, and nurturing home.”


Ultimate Ascent



So yesterday, thousands of people tuned in to see the 2013 game Ultimate Ascent. After much thinking the subgroups are in a feverish flurry to prototype and design the mechanisms to compete in this years game. Here is the animation.


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It’s Alive!!!!!

At the Friday work session, Exxcelcior’s drive was restored and now is available for driving use. It was a long procedure but all 4 drive motors were replaced.



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Rookie FRC Team in Logansport

Logansport High School has formed our area’s newest FIRST team: BerryBotics (FRC #4824). Several students and mentors from CyberTooth (FRC #3940) and the TechnoKats attended their callout meeting on December 7. About 40 students were there when we arrived, with more trickling in during the meeting. Along with Indiana FRC Regional Director Steve Florence, we gave them a brief demo of a couple of Rebound Rumble robots, a quick overview of what FIRST is and what FRC teams are expected to do, and probably enough technical and historical information to overwhelm them. Our two veteran teams have volunteered to mentor BerryBotics through their rookie season.

Their team coach is Mr. Bever, a physics teacher at LCHS. We all have each other’s contact information, and we’re going to try to schedule a time before the end of the year when they can come down to Kokomo and visit both the CyberTooth and TechnoKats team workshops. We’re also trying to set up a session when we can help them with their “Quick Rookie Build” kit to put together a working FRC robot chassis.

BerryBotics is sponsored by NASA, AndyMark, and CalComp. They are registered to compete at the North Carolina Regional (during the same week as the Boilermaker Regional).

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FRC Book

So I mentioned at the meeting last night that for people interested in the FRC season and like to read, there is a book called The New Cool. It shows the season from a few different team’s perspectives with emphasis on FRC team 1717 from California. I’d recommend everyone that can to read it.

This is a link to the author’s page about it

This is a link to the book from the library


Be sure to check it out.

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Sunday Shop Session – 12/9/12

We accomplished a lot today.  The electrical team took all the mylar off the ball, and will be fixing all broken boards on Tuesday.  There will be another shop session on Wednesday, open to anyone willing to work.  At that time electrical team will be replacing all mylar.

Today, I also added some color to the ball control.  Cameron Ellison mentioned how it was difficult to read the lettering on it, so I took some paint and now you can read it clearly.

The finished project:


The mechanical team also worked on MarioKat’s reconstruction.  Roy was very happy this weekend!  The drive base looks very nice.

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Practice with Team 3940, Cybertooth

practiceGood turn-out for the team meeting.

Shooting is getting much better. Hit 2 and 3 pointers more consistently from half court across the bump. With the nature of our shooter design, we are more accurate when we are farther away. That may be a good selling point to other teams once alliance are forming and we are not an alliance captain.

Have the opportunity to practice bridge balancing with Team 3940 Cybertooth. We did reasonably well and getting better as practice progress. Since we are still trying to get our bridge lowering device to function properly and traction capability of our robot, we were more fitted to be the pusher coming on the bridge. Cybertooth was good at lowering the bridge, but it has trouble with traction getting and staying comfortable on the bridge.

Our center motorized bridge lowering device needed a little adjustment. Have a lot of potential. Almost pull down the bridge the first time before chain skip. Once the chain skipped, it has trouble pushing the bridge down from that point on.

Our side bridge lowering ramp experience trouble too. Dimension check looks good. Ramp angle looks right. Was able to manually push the robot up the bridge with it. Survived one time driving up the bridge. Did not survive the second try when the robot hit the bridge at a slight frontal offset. I am already in the process of retrofitting and creating a sturdier version with pneumatic control this time. Completion target for the end of Thursday work session completion.

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