2015-2016 TechnoKats Team Handbook

The TechnoKats team handbook has been updated and can be found here:

2015-2016 Team Handbook


2015 – August – What’s Happening?

Several team members have been helping cleanup the SHAK (Spirit of Haynes and Apperson in Kokomo) Makerspace in Kokomo, IN.

Members that have volunteered their time and effort include:

Kyle H.
Nick P.
Sean C.
Hunter H.
Alan A.
Charles Y.

The photo was taken at the August 5th meeting.



2015 – Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI)

Here is a list of TechnoKats that volunteered and assisted the 2015 IRI event.


Cecilia R. – Practice Field/Electrical Setup – Thu/Fri
Gage O. – Practice Field/Pit Admin/Pit Announcer/Field Reset/Electrical Setup – Thu/Fri/Sat
Gabe R. – Practice Field/Safety Glass Distribution – Fri
Justice W. – Practice Field/Pit Announcer/Pit Admin – Fri/Sat
Kyle H. – Electrical Setup/Pit Admin/Pit Announcer/Talent Show Setup – Thu/Fri/Sat
Michelle S. – Electrical Setup/Practice Field/Field Reset/Pit Announcer/Pit Admin – Thu/Fri/Sat
Nicholas P. – Practice Field/Safety Glass Distribution – Fri/Sat


Alan A. (aka A^2) – CSA (Control Systems Adviser)/Robot Inspector/Electrical – Thu/Fri/Sat
Andy B. – Event Sponsor (AndyMark)/Planning Committee – All Weekend
Ben D. – Practice Field/Student Overseer – Sat
Carol A. – Pit Admin – Fri/Sat
Charles Y. – Electrical Setup/Practice Field – Thu/Fri/Sat
Eric S. – Team 469 Las Guerrillas Mentor – Thu/Fri/Sat
Jarred C. – Practice Field/Electrical Setup – Thu/Fri/Sat
Kenneth B. – Field Supervisor – Thu/Fri/Sat
Kolton D. – Practice Field (KUDOS for Great job Friday Afternoon on the Practice Field) – Fri
Lisa B. – FIRST Senior Mentor for Indiana – Thu/Fri/Sat
Kija D. – Field Reset/Scoring – Fri/Sat
Maddie L. – Talent Show Emcee – Fri
Mark K. – Event Sponsor (AndyMark)/FTA – Thu/Fri/Sat
Mike C. – Electrical/Setup/Tear-down (Pit area/ Competition Field, Practice Field) – Thu/Sat
Peyton Y. – Practice Field – Fri/Sat
RJ M. – Referee – Thu/Fri/Sat
Royce C. – Practice Field/Electrical Setup (Kudos for Great job Friday AM on the Practice Field) – Thu/Fri/Sat
Tina C. – Electrical Setup/Tear-down (Pit area/ Competition Field, Practice Field) – Thu/Sat

As you can see, the TechnoKats and our alumni support this event with many hours of time being devoted to helping to make certain that the event was a success.

Talent show consisted of:

The lip-sync battle was a tie and the winners were Nicki P. (aka T Swissel) and Jacob K. Feat. Ed P. (aka Cowboy Jesus & Koko Ed)
Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers
and a Laser Light Show.

Additionally, the Elimination Rounds are view-able online via the 2015 IRI Live feed.


2015 – Current Projects


The team is currently working on several projects.

These include:

1) Shop cleanup

2) Refurbish robots from previous years

3) T-shirt cannon for homecoming

4) Lights for meeting area

5) Preparing the Ball for the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

6) Training students on machines

7) Safety video featuring “Mo”


2015 – June – What’s Happening

Congratulations Graduates

The month of June saw the graduation of 10 of the TechnoKats from Kokomo High School. Cameron, Jared, Josiah, Kolton, Mariah, Max, Royce, Ryan, Teng, and Tyler

Good Luck in college!!

Additional activities include:

1) June 5th – KHS Commencement – Memorial Gym

2) June 9th – Tour AndyMark Inc. warehouse – 2311 N. Washington St.

3) June 12th – Relay for Life – Maple Crest Middle School

4) June 16th – Tour Foresite Inc. facility – 1982 S. Elizabeth St.

5) June 20th – Tour Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH.

6) June 22nd – King’s Island trip in Mason, Ohio

7) June 23rd – Tour Opalescent Glass factory – 1310 S. Market St.


2015 – July – What’s Happening

2015 - Kokomomentum

Several activities occurred in the month of July with the TechnoKats.

1. Several students participated in the Demo for Kokomomentum at Elwood Haynes Elementary School on July 20th and 21st. Photos have been added to the History Project in the 2015 Season folder.

2. Several students helped shag golf balls for an fundraiser at Chippendale Golf Course on July 25th.

3. Twenty-five students, alumni, and mentors volunteered at Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI) on July 16th-18th.

  • setting up and tearing down electrical for the competition field, the pits, and the practice field
  • setting up and tearing down the practice field
  • running the practice field
  • field reset on the competition field
  • pit pa announcer
  • pit admin
  • safety glass check station
  • CSA (Control Systems Adviser)
  • robot inspector
  • FTA (Field Technical Advisor)
  • planning committee member
  • team 469 Las Guerrillas mentor
  • field supervisor
  • FIRST Senior Mentor for Indiana
  • scoring
  • talent show emcee
  • referee
  • sponsorship

2015 – January

This January was just as busy as most! The month started with a succesful ball drop in downtown Kokomo and teardown was one day later. We once again thank everybody who helped with that. Build season kicked off on the third of last month to extend into February until it ended. We determined that this year we would build an elevator like robot with a similar design to our fling-a-pult from last year.  We then began to build with help from our mentors. The robot kept us busy for the remainder of the month as we worked through it all. See everybody next month when February ends!

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December 2014

This December was huge! Even with very little shop time much was achieved!

During last month there were only six practices in the shop. During this time beta testing ended, there will be a separate post with information about that, and the shop was cleaned.

The biggest thing to happen during this month was the ball drop. This was the main focus of four of the practices we had. We are thankful for all the people who helped with that!

See you guys throughout this January!

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October 2014

Hello everybody! The month of October just wrapped up so lets see what has happened!

Starting off the month, the team went to CAGE Match and lasted until the semifinals. Everybody at the event had fun with the RoboRio bot being used during one of the matches. However in the pits, due to both robots being on and using the same WiFi connection, the practice bot randomly began circling before firing when it found a target in range while the competition bot on field did nothing until the bot was turned off in the pits.

Closer to the end of the month the team made its final decision on the competition schedule. The team has decided that in week five we will be going to the Greater D.C. Regional. We are now on the waiting list until the regional expands.

The month ended with the Indiana FIRST Forums held at Purdue University. A good time was had by all with most Technokats attending wrapping up their day by listening to Andy Baker’s, a former Technokat mentor, lecture on “The Great Robots of First” In which TKO the robot from 1999 Landing high up in the list for it’s arm that could throw robots of the puck.

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October 2014 – Fall Robotics Game

On Friday, October 10th, the Technokats staged the 2nd Annual Fall Robotics competition during the Kokomo High School Homecoming.

The competition included 3 teams of robots that the students had four weeks to design and build.  The game this year was called ‘Skee Bowl’ and the object was to maneuver ping pong balls into 1 of 3 bowls on the opposite table.

The competition was fierce and the winning team was The Green Gang lead by Team Captains Kyle Heaton and Mariah Boger. Second place was The Purple Posse with their robot Ryle led by team captains Josiah Leuck, Ryan Ridenour, and Cassidy Yocom. Team Orange came in third due to their robot’s shooter failing and not being able to score. They were led by team captains Cameron Ellison and Royce Collins.