Downloads and Links


  • USFIRST:The official FIRST website.
  • FRC Links:An official FIRST website that gives general info on all FIRST teams.
  • Bill’s Blog: News direct from the Director of FRC at FIRST.
  • Indiana Robotics Invitational: Off season even held during the summer that brings together top competitive and strong character teams from across the FIRST community. Co founded by us.
  • Cage Match: Intended to introduce new students, mentors, individuals of the community and those unfamiliar to FIRST.
  • Chief Delphi Forums: Most widely used FRC forum.
  • The Blue Alliance: Keeps statistics for most matches a team has competed in.
  • WordPress: The CMS our website uses.
  • Smartone Theme: Themes we adapted for our purposes.


Common MSDS Documents (For Safety Handbook):

Loctite Instant gasket MSDS
Loctite Blue 242
Loctite 24205
Loctite 7649
Loctite 660
Loctite 608
Loctite 598 Black
Loctite 545
loctite 548 msds
Loctite 268 Thread Lock Stick MSDS
Loctite 222 MS Thread Locker MSDS
Loctite 11C Hysol
Elmer’s Glue All (Elmer’s)
Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue
Cool Tool II
C5-A Anti-SiezeCompoundCopper
Bostik Never Seez
3M Scotch Weld MSDS
SX Chain Wax
Slime Pro Tire Sealant-OTR
Silver Grade Anti seize stick
Quicksilver 2-4-0 Marine Lub
Permatex Ultra Black
Permanent Thread Lock – N27106 – 2008
Parformix Plasti Dip
Oatey PVC Medium Clear
ML Burris Quick Timne #2
Loctite(R) Super Glue All Plastics
Loctite Red 241