Off Season

TechnoKats’ Off-season is really a myth, we never stop working, learning, and having fun. The team works on projects, hosts events, and supports the community year-round.


The Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI) began in Kokomo, Indiana, in May of 2000.  During the 2000 and 2001 years, this event was nicknamed “Hoosier Havoc” and was hosted solely by the TechnoKats Robotics Team (FRC team 45).  The event was held at Kokomo’s Memorial Gymnasium.  The first year had 21 teams attend, while the second year 28 teams competed.

In 2002, the decision was made to move IRI to Indianapolis.  FRC teams 234 and 393 agreed to help host the event, while to-be-formed FRC team 1024 agreed to be the facility host at their school, Lawrence North High School.  This has been the home of IRI each year since 2002.

Over the years, many events have been conducted at IRI.  Each year, there has been a team party.  During the years in Kokomo, the team party was at Andy Baker’s house. Since 2002, the team party was a team meal in the LNHS cafeteria.  Then, in 2004, we started conducting a talent show after the team dinner.  Also, the silent auction began in 2004.

CAGE Match

CAGE Match was first held in 2008. CAGE stands for Cards and Goats Exhibition. The CAGE Match was created with the intention to introduce students, mentors, and individuals of the community to FIRST Robotics in a the low key, relaxed, nature. Make no mistake, CAGE is still full of excitement.