Our Purpose

Mission Statement
TechnoKats is a student-led team dedicated to promoting STEM and life skills, including creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Members maintain the legacy of
Team 45 with partnerships within the team, within the local community and within FIRST.

Organization Structure
Because TechnoKats is a student-led team, student leadership positions are a key contributor to team success. There are currently four year-long, elected student leadership positions, as well as many opportunities for students to lead projects and short-term activities.  Students are supported by a head coach and three assistant coaches.

Industry mentors bring expertise and community support to the team.  Parents are also an important part of the team structure, primarily offering support at team events and competitions.

Team Goals
* To inspire students in areas of STEM and to help students pursue careers in STEM fields
* To provide training and working relationships between students and industry mentors
* To train students to be leaders on the team, in school, and in the community
* To promote and demonstrate gracious professionalism and the ideals of FIRST
* To increase awareness of, and promote opportunities for STEM activities within our school and community
* To work towards continuous improvement of our robot and real-world skills